Review the Guidelines for Applying for a grant from the New Zealand Sign Language Fund

New approach to applying for a grant

We have a new approach to applying for a grant

Thank you for applying to Round six of the NZSL Fund. For this round we will be using a new online application tool, Survey Monkey Apply (SMA). This should be easier for you to fill in and easier for us to process. 

What is different?

  • You will sign in with your own unique user name and password.  
  • Instructions in NZSL are included in the SMA tool. However, note that you will not have to email your application to ODI anymore. Instead, the SMA will let us see it when we login.
  • You can login any time and update your information, respond to correspondence, and receive notifications from the secretariat.
  • You fill in the SMA survey form online. It will be easier to understand the overall grant process - from logging in to reporting.
  • You will automatically be told if you miss a section, etc. and will be prompted on the next step. 
  • We can track and manage communications, reports and notifications more easily, and for the whole duration of successful grants.
  • You will be able to include a secure video for your summary report for the ODI website.

Please be aware that with this new tool, some of the processes have changed. Note that you will submit your application from within the tool and do not need to email your application to ODI anymore. 

We welcome your feedback on the new tool and will use this to report back to the NZSL Board.

Please send any questions to the NZSL Board Secretariat at


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